{book dr. TV} Happy New Year from Big Sur

Episode 7: Big Sur

I’m back from my New Years Eve escape to Big Sur and happy to post the episode I shot there on this rainy Tuesday.

There is nothing like a reading escape to help re-set an old year and get ready for a new one. I’ve been home two days and I still feel cozy from the time in bed with the fire going. Please do forgive the dim lighting in this video- I was concerned about sharing the ambience and was hopeful about concealing my Rudolph nose from a terrible cold I’m still fighting off.

I do say this in the video, but thank you so much to everyone who completed the survey. If you still want to answer three quick questions about what you’d like to see this year on the blog, you can!

It’s such a treat to be starting a new year of books and community with you. Please do feel free to write me in the comments or via email (listed in the sidebar) to say hello!


{Book Dr. Tv} Episode 6: Reading Medicinally

It’s December- what? I’m shocked. New adventures- filming in the dark, and starting to reflect on the end of the year.

How do you read? Haphazardly as I do, or do you read with intention? I’m starting to play with the idea of cultivating what I read to support who I want to be next year. I call this “reading medicinally,” which I got from the divine Sarah Selecky.

Watch this episode and join the conversation in the comments below, or on FB.

Happy reading!


{Book Dr. Tv} How to make time to read?

Happy 11-11 (It’s national corduroy day. Yep, I’m sad I missed it in 2011, too.) The holidays are coming people. Craziness, the end of diets, and schedules shot to hell. We all know it’s almost here.

But there’s one question we bookworms have for the world- how to make time to read?

I share some tips, but let’s all give each other support to make sure we get book time over the next couple of months.

Plan for good reading time by the fire now and you’re sure to have a fantastic end to 2015. How did it go by so fast?


{Book Dr. Tv} Confessions of a book hoarder!

Ok. I know I Kondo-ed my books recently, but it’s so hard not to get sucked in by all the books.

I decided the best course of action was to confess all the books I have purchased since beginning to Kondo my home.

Anyone else have a confession to make? Feel free to share in the comments or over on Facebook.

Doesn’t that feel better?

Also, I must confess- this episode was a bit longer than usual. I am a book hoarder. There- I said it out loud. Sort of.


{Book Dr. TV} What if you had a pseudonym?

It’s time for another episode of the Book Dr. This week, I wondered about the existence of pseudonyms. Some high-profile authors have been using them recently, and others have become as famous as the authors who use them.

After you watch, let’s discuss over on the Facebook page, or in the comments below.

Happy reading and happy watching!


{Book Dr. TV} Episode 2: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Lydia Davis

Welcome to episode 2!

Thanks to everyone for the positive response to the first episode of the show. I really enjoyed being able to speak about books and just share what I’m reading off the cuff. I have two incredible books to share with you today, one of which should be required reading for life. I must confess, Toni Morrison first called Between the World and Me required reading, and after devouring the entire thing in one sitting, I agree with her completely.

Let me know what you think about the episode in the comments- also please do share if you’ve read either of the books.

Happy reading!


{Dear Book Dr.} And now… Book Dr. TV!

Hello, Everyone! I decided it was time to start the video train here on the blog.

As I mentioned, I was so touched that so many people asked for book recommendations on Facebook recently on my birthday that I decided to reply by video.

More info on some things I mentioned in the video:

Let me know what you think of the format. It was really fun putting it together and getting to speak spontaneously about these books.

I look forward to doing more. There may be some replies to Dear Book Dr. that are easier to respond to via video… stay tuned.

Happy reading,

the book dr.