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Literacy is as important as creativity, to flip Sir Ken Robinson’s quote. And creativity is very, very important.

My name is Caroline and I am the Book Dr.

Ever since I was a little girl, books have been as important as food, clothing, and shelter. In many ways they have been all three.

As an introvert, reading has been my home ever since I can remember. The overstimulating outside world was often easier to discover first through a book and as soon as I could read, it was my main occupation. I spent afternoons perched in the crook of a tree branch, reading while waiting for a friend to come sleep over.

I pulled my first all-nighter to finish a book in third grade. The Bridge to Terebithia just wouldn’t wait. Perhaps the insomnia I’ve had since I was fifteen was just a gift to allow me to get more time reading.

This blog is for the readers out there. For those of you who had as many friends inside of pages as outside. If you were like me, trapped behind bifocals and an eye patch in first grade, there may have been more friends like Nancy Drew and Charlotte and Wilbur than there were in school.

Life got easier as I got older. I found theater and another way to dive into a story. I fell in love with films that I connected to as much as books.

In college, I studied art history and literature. I read and read and stared at beautiful paintings until I understood their stories. Then I went on to a masters in psychology and expressive arts.

I learned there that we are shaping beings that crave a through-line. That we live life and find its meaning through the story we tell ourselves about who we are. I took this further as I went to photography school and put them together working in creative fields in Los Angeles. I worked in galleries and a beautiful bookshop that stole my heart and for a literary journal that I wish had put out many more issues than it could. I watched the stories unfold in the city that sets the tone, in many ways, for the stories that the world sees.

I believe that if we don’t look further than reality TV and blockbuster films and magazines, then those are the only stories we get to consider.

I believe reading and engaging with the power of story is the way to a bigger and more beautiful life. Curiosity is what opens us up to more. As soon as we ask why things have to be a certain way, there is a chance for them to change.

Welcome to my refuge, where every bookshelf has a rolling ladder attached and there are comfortable armchairs by fireplaces in every corner, complete with hot cups of tea and slippers with a cashmere blanket folded over the arm.

Have a seat. I’ve been waiting for you.

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